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Pavilion®; FAQ’s

What are the phone number and operating hours for Pavilion® Technical Support? 

Pavilion® Technical Support number is (855) 443-8468.
Hours: Monday – Friday, 5am to 6pm PST (8am to 9pm EST)
Saturday, 8:30am to 2:30pm PST (11:30am to 5:30pm EST)

Where can I get parts and accessories for Pavilion®

Parts are available from Pavilion® distributors as well as Parts To Your Door,, 610-916-5380.

Is an Outdoor Sensor included with the Series PV and does it have to be installed? 

An Outdoor Sensor is standard and is included with the Series PV. The Series PV will operate without the Outdoor Sensor, but it is highly recommended that it be installed and activated.

Is primary/secondary piping required for heating on the Series PV? 

Primary/secondary piping is recommended to ensure enough water flow. Otherwise, the Series PV will likely short-cycle on a call for heat, causing damage. However, if there is only ONE zone of heat, and the system flow and pressure drop in the heating system are relatively small, then primary/secondary piping may not be necessary.

What is the maximum heating system pressure for the Series PV? 

The maximum pressure allowed is 30 psi, but the pressure setting should not be higher than 28 psi to avoid nuisance relief valve discharge. Pressure of 28 psi will generally allow proper circulation of heating systems up to 50′ in height.

How many Pavilion® water heaters can be installed in one system? 

A maximum of two Pavilion® units can be installed together in one residential system. For commercial systems with more than two units, contact a Pavilion® sales rep who will connect you with a Pavilion® Commercial Specialist.

What is the minimum flow rate required to activate Pavilion® DHW operation? 

To start DHW operation, .5 gpm of flow is required. Once started, .4 gpm is required to maintain DHW operation.

Can I preserve the Auto Learning settings if I go on vacation? 

Yes; to save the most recent Auto Learning settings, leave the Series PR plugged into power, but turn the power button off. When returning from vacation, turn the power button back on. The Series PR will then use the last learned recirculation times.

What is the warranty for the Pavilion® heat exchanger? 

The heat exchanger warranty period is 18 years for the Series UT; 15 years for the Series PR; and 10 years for the Series PV. The limited warranty covers failure due to manufacturing defects, as opposed to lack of service such as descaling. See the Pavilion® Warranty page on our website for details.